Managing Customer Reviews: 3 Ways to Avoid the Common Pitfalls

Managing Customer Reviews

You’re busy. We get it. With all the responsibilities that come with business ownership, customer reviews on business review sites can often be ignored.  Unfortunately, business owners that fail to manage online reviews are damaging their business through inaction because, these days, reputation drives sales. If you’re not paying attention, you can easily encounter the common pitfalls that lead to a poor online reputation. Think about it for a moment; are you:

  • receiving zero online customer reviews
  • receiving zero recent online customer reviews
  • receiving negative online customer reviews
  • having unmanaged online customer reviews across multiple business review websites

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these pitfalls by following these three important customer review website tips.

Add or claim listings on the top business review sites

There are many niche business review and directory websites. Take advantage of this abundance and complete these two simple steps:

  1. Add or claim a listing or business profile on the review sites that align with your business.
  2. Correct your business’s listing information and start getting more reviews! (Remember, correcting your business’s listing information on a directory only heeds positive citation results.)

Keep asking your customers for reviews

Asking the average customer for a review can be hard work, but don’t let that discourage you! It is often easiest to get reviews from consumers that are either really happy or really unhappy with the level of service they’ve received. Businesses should always remember to ask, as customers are busy creatures and will not remember unless they are asked nicely to leave feedback.

Request customer reviews on business review sites, not the business website

You may be wondering, what’s wrong with just asking for reviews or testimonials on my business’s website? To answer your question, business review sites are usually deemed more credible and trustworthy in the mind of the consumer. Asking consumers to leave a review on a business’s website can appear a lot more screened and inauthentic than simply asking them to leave reviews on a trusted review site instead.

Taking these necessary steps to manage your customer reviews is important as your online reputation depends on it. Learn the surprising stats about online reputation management by downloading 50 Shocking Stats About Online Reputation Management.

Infographic: 50 Shocking Stats About Online Reputation Management

No one likes reading industry data, so we’ve compiled the statistics and reformatted it making it a fun and quick comic strip read. Here are 50 stats that show the importance of online reputation management for local small businesses.

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