Business Reviews: What’s the Big Deal?

Business Reviews

What’s one of the first things you do when deciding on a hotel for an upcoming vacation, or a restaurant to patron for your anniversary? Most, if not all of you, would say, “Check out the business reviews!” As consumers, the number of reviews, star rating level, and written feedback heavily influence our buying decisions. Therefore, as a business owner, reviews should heavily influence your efforts to not only obtain them but manage them appropriately!

Here are two huge reasons why reviews on business review sites are kind of a big deal!

Business reviews and social posts help shape a company’s online reputation

Reputation creates conversion! More than 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchasing decisions. One of the worst things a company can do is ignore their online business reviews and social posts and not participate in shaping the conversation about their company online. Although it’s easy to make a mistake when handling a business’s online reputation, it’s also easy to recover if done properly!

Business reviews provide valuable feedback for businesses

Companies can easily take negative comments to heart, but it is important to recognize that all reviews should be considered as constructive feedback! They help companies gauge their performance and discover ways to improve. As with anything, there is always room for improvement, and a lot can be learned from both positive and negative business reviews. For example, reviews help businesses see which products or services should be boasted, which needs work, and even discover employees who’ve exceeded in the realm of customer service.

Now that we understand why business review sites are a big deal, here are two huge reasons why managing them is also a big deal!

Business Reviews help customers find you

Businesses with more and better reviews on a variety of review sites experience higher SEO rankings. Managing customer reviews helps to improve your SEO performance and drives more sales and revenue through search marketing.

Consumers value authenticity over perfection

The Internet has become an avenue for consumers to express their opinions about everything. In today’s world, consumers trust business reviews and peer-generated content much more than branded social media content, information from salespeople, and even organic search engine results.

Online customer reviews are here to stay and they have taken residence on business review sites. Reviews grew bigger in 2015 than they had ever been before, solidifying the importance of businesses responding to customers online. The way in which a business manages and engages with customers on review sites is crucial to the building of a positive online reputation.

Having a strategy for responding to business reviews is more important than ever. Although managing online reviews can be difficult, when done right, the benefits will definitely outweigh the costs! Find out how to effectively manage online reviews by downloading our Review Response Templates.

Template: How To Respond To Business Reviews

Take charge of your online reputation by skillfully responding to both good and bad reviews. It’s time-consuming, but worth every minute. To speed up the process, we’ve created review response templates to get you started!

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