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Local Marketing Automation

Dots & Data is a boutique, data-driven, marketing and integrated communications firm. We are 100% focused on helping local small businesses around the globe facilitate communications that boost brand awareness, drive foot traffic, and increase sales. Whether your company is a start-up coffee shop looking to move your business to the next level, or a veteran retailer seeking guidance in today’s modern marketing environment, we’re here to help with our three-pronged approach.

Customer Acquisition

We help you build, manage, and market your reputation so that you attract customers organically without sacrificing customer lifetime value.

Customer Retention

Existing customers are more valuable than new customers; therefore, we facilitate communications that boost customer loyalty and repeat sales.

Identity Resolution

Identity resolution helps you connect the dots. We implement technologies that enable true people-based targeting, measurement, and personalization.

What Is Customer
Identity Resolution?

Data Collection

At its core, identity resolution is a data management exercise. Every interaction in your customer's life cycle generates new data allowing you to create robust customer profiles.

Data Analysis

It's critical that your data analysis focuses on discovery to derive new insights about your customers; therefore, fostering better decisions related to building customer equity.

Programmatic Targeting

Robust customer profiles allow for personalized communication and enriched targeting. Programmatic uses data to solve the advertising guessing game and provides easy access to the right audience and the best places to find them.

New Forrester Report: The Strategic Role of Identity Resolution

The time for identity resolution has come. Are you ready?

Our Process Creates

Stronger Connections & Relationships

We Encourage Engagement

Today’s mobile only customers hate two things: inconvenience and invasion of privacy; therefore, we leverage technologies your customers are comfortable using in order to create data collection opportunities that are friendly and noninvasive.

We Personalize Communications

Effective personalization, such as one-to-one marketing, offers a proven method for improved response rates and loyal customer relationships. Utilizing personalized SMS, MMS, and e-mail, we make sure your communications are received with gratitude.

We Incentivise Loyalty

Getting a customer through your front door for the first time is a considerable uphill battle in itself, but a more crucial fight is the challenge to turn those that do wander into your business to come back. We create irresistible deals that encourage repeat business.

All Deals Are Not Created Equally: Your Groupon deal could be costing you more than you think…

Take a moment to evaluate your deal’s performance with our calculator, and learn how simple identity resolution tactics can significantly increase your annual revenue.

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